Our Top 15 Altcoins to Invest for August – December


Trending now Top 15 Altcoins to Invest for August – December

Its good time to accumulate fundamentally strong alt-coins, Many of them have found bottom and trading near support area.

We are sharing our internal investment spreadsheet here, which can be customized according to your positions.  In spreadsheet, We have mentioned 10 BTC investment in BTC and Other alts as reference, which you can change according to your fund size.

We have invested 15% of our funds in Bitcoin, 25% in TRX,EOS & ADA. Rest Funds is allocated equally among XLM, BNK, ZIL, ICX, BAT, GTO, ETHOS, ZRX, MFT, SKY, UKG, WAN & DENT. All these coins are available on binance market, expect UKG which you can find on Bittrex and BNK which have her own exchange.

We have invested over 40% in large cap coins, 30% in mid cap and rest 30% in low cap coins like UKG & DENT. Our investment selection is based on tractions gained by these coins in past few months. Dent and BAT are good examples when its comes to user tractions. Both these projects have already gained over a million users in last few months, which is good sign of mass adoption for blockchain project

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