How To Pay DSTV Subscription on mobile phone With KongaPay App

How To Pay DSTV Subscription, KongaPay dstv bills payment feature is one of the reasons why I love using the KongaPay app. I use the app to pay dstv subscription on phone anytime without having to find my debit card, token, account number, etc to complete the transaction.

More so with KongaPay, you will never ever miss your favorite shows on DSTV and GOTV. You know why? Because you can set up auto renew of dstv payments on KongaPay without any hassle and at no extra cost.

Before you can pay dstv subscriptions online in Nigeria with KongaPay app, you will need to download KongaPay app, and sign up for KongaPay account.

During the KongaPay account registration process, you will be required to provide details of your bank account,ATM card and the phone number that is linked to your bank account. Once your KongaPay account is successfully verified, you can proceed to start making dstv payments on phone with KongaPay app.

So, let’s assume you ave fully registered to use the KongaPay app. Here is how to use the app to pay dstv bills online in Nigeria :

  • Login to KongPay app with your registered phone number and KongaPay pin.
  • Tap on “Services”
  • Tap on “TV Subscriptions”
  • Select “DsTV” as your subscription type
  • Enter your DsTv smartcard number
  • Tap on the “continue” button
  • You will be redirected to a page where you will see the subscriber name and options to complete your transaction.
  • Select the dstv bouquet you want to pay for, the number of months you want to pay for and if the dstv subscription should be auto-renewed every month with KongaPay.
  • Once you are done, tap the “Pay” button’

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