How to Sell Event Tickets Online in Nigeria

Event promoters and event organizers in Nigeria are constantly looking for a way to connect their customers to their event tickets in order to Sell Event Tickets Online and fast. They are often looking for ways to reach out to internet users in Nigeria, a number that is increasing by the day.

From the latest statistics released by Hootsuite and We are social titled “digital in 2018 in West Africa”, page 120 – 149 which focus on Nigeria, states the following:

  • Internet users 94.8 million with penetration of 49%
  • Active Social media users 19.0 million with  penetration of 10%
  • Unique mobile users 105.0 million with penetration of 54%
  • Active mobile social users 17.0 million with penetration of 9%
  • Average daily time spent using the internet via any device is 4H: 05M
  • Average daily time spent using social media via any device is 3H: 02M
  • Total number of active internet users is 91.6 million
  • Internet users as a percentage of the total population are 49.6 million
  • Total number of active mobile internet users 86.2 million
  • Mobile internet users as a percentage of the total population are 49.7 million

The internet users captured in the report above is a huge market potential to ignore!

However, The success of the event promotion depends on the planning structure and methodology deploy to execute the event from the beginning to the end.

There are a few things that you must consider as an Event promoter or event organizer when thinking about selling event tickets online in Nigeria.

1) Reach out to the target audience

Which audience are you targeting?

When setting up an event, you will need to define the audience the event is meant for: the age, their demography and the type of event category your audience like (Business, Festival, Private event etc). Deep understanding of the audience analysis will help in deciding the price to set for the event, the date, the location and the marketing strategy.

2) Use the right online ticketing platform

What website should you use to sell tickets for an event?

We have a few event ticketing platforms in Nigeria that sell tickets at the moment. These are online ticketing platforms that can easily handle your event ticketing from the first point of contact with a prospective buyer to the moment they purchase your ticket. But, there are few things event organiser or event promoters should access on online ticketing platform before putting their ticket there:

  • Is the website a modern and user-friendly platform for both the organiser and the tickets buyers?
  • Does the website have safety and data integrity?
  • Does the event platform have good service for managing and selling tickets?
  • Can you customise your ticket forms to reflect your product?
  • Does it have ticket discounts to drive advance ticket sales?
  • Does the platform allow all event categories and sizes?
  • Can you check you sales summaries?
  • Can you manage your customer orders?
  • Does the website allow you to select specific people to register for your event with the option to choose event visibility?
  • Can you brand the email messages that the services send out?
  • Is your event easily shareable on their platform to other social media platforms?
  • Do they have both online (on website and mail ) and offline (phone) customer support?

Most of the points raised above are very important factors to consider when dealing with event ticketing platforms for effective promotion in meeting your ticket buyers online and effect social media influencers have on event awareness in Nigeria have these features which makes them the best online event ticketing platform in Nigeria at the moment.

Here is a brief breakdown of their website:

i) Option to choose a preferred language to reach the right audience:Event organisers or promoters can select the preferred language (English or one of any of the most three popular languages in Nigeria Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) that your audience will be comfortable with to use in buying their tickets. This reduces blocking out people that cannot communicate in the official English language.

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